Our Rooms

Piglets:  3 months – 2 years

Our Piglets room is a calm and homely environment where we care for 11 babies.

The room has 3 main areas:

  • A quieter area for play that is changed into a rest/sleep room with cots and snooze beds:
  • The main play room where children have access to a range of toys, exploratory toys and a den area:
  • Our conservatory where the children have their meal times together around a table, which mirrors the home environment. The children also have access to a creative station, a selection of toys, messy play and sensory opportunities.

Poohbears: 2 years – 3 years

Poohbears is a smaller group for up to 8 toddlers which allows staff to provide an action-packed day to engage your child. Poohbears has its own bathroom area attached, which is perfect for toddlers mastering potty training.

Poohbears Room gives the children more opportunity to self-select equipment from their creative station and exploration baskets, to promote independence and making choices.

Poohbears is converted to a sleep room immediately after lunch enabling the busy toddlers to rest. If your child does not sleep at this time they will join our 3-year-old room for quiet activities.

Tiggers: 3 years – 5 years

Tiggers is the largest of our rooms for up to 18 children, which helps them prepare for the larger groups they will encounter at school. Tiggers room has been designed to encourage independence. For example, the toilets are situated off the playroom allowing the older children to learn to be independent.

Tiggers has areas for sit-down activities. For example: computer, puzzles, painting, mark making and construction as well as an area for role play and a book corner. Staff also plan activities throughout the day.

Rising 5’s

The Nursery provides a Rising 5’s group where the staff plan activities and games to prepare the children for their transition to school.

Mathematics and phonics are just two of the activities included to develop school readiness.

All 3 rooms have their own ‘free-flow’ access to the gardens where an outside classroom is set up.

This includes our mud kitchen, den area and a bark area where the children enjoy going on a bug hunt.