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Piglets 3mths – 2yrs

Piglets is a bright sunny room, caring for 11 babies between the age of 3mths -2yrs. The room has three main sections: a quiet area for our youngest babies, and allowing babies to sleep/rest in cots or snooze beds; the main play room, where children have access to a range of toys and equipment; and our conservatory, where children complete messy play such as water/painting.

There is a nappy changing area attached to Piglets, enabling staff to change children as and when they need changing, as parents would at home.

Piglets have their own nursery garden which is filled with lots of items such a wind chimes and windmills to engage the curious baby.

Piglets Dining Room Piglets Play Area Piglets Sleep Area

Poohbears – 2yrs – 3yrs

Poohbears is a small group of 8 toddlers enabling staff to provide an action packed day to engage your child. Poohbears has its own bathroom area attached, perfect for toddlers mastering potty training.

Poohbears is converted to a sleep room immediately after lunch enabling the busy toddler to rest, if your child does not sleep at this time they will join our 3yr old room for quiet activities. 

Poohbears has its own area of the garden, with staff planning a range of activities to spark the imagination of the children.

Poohbears Room

Tiggers 3yrs – 5yrs

Tiggers is the largest of our rooms (18 children) designed to prepare children for the larger groups they will encounter at school. Tiggers room has been designed to foster independence, for example the toilets are situated off the playroom enabling the older children to learn to be independent.

Tiggers has a computer area, mark making areas, construction, role play and book corner. In addition to the well planned experiences set out each day.

Tiggers have open access to the nursery garden (which is of course staffed) enabling each child to learn in the way most suited to their personality.

Tiggers Room Tiggers Room
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