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Laughter & Learning

Play is the child's "work", the basis for all their developmental needs, and we never underestimate its importance. Our planning is based around the Early Years Foundation Stage and allows for flexible, child led play, allowing children to develop, extend and discuss an activity using their own imagination where appropriate.

In our youngest rooms a range of exciting activities are planned each day, these are provided in addition to the toys selected each day (construction, role play etc)
Painting – developing an awareness of making marks, colour recognition, hand eye co-ordination, and sharing
Water play – understanding concepts of warm/cold.
Dancing, singing, and physical play – learning about their bodies abilities, how to negotiate spaces and move in time with music
Story and song time – learning new language (communication), remembering the words/actions to songs, and co-operation (such as in “row, row the boat”)
Garden play – exploring new sensory experiences such as the feel of the grass or the wind in their hair.

As the children reach their pre-school years (3-5yrs) the activities are structured to ensure your child has the opportunity to learn in a stimulating and engaging way. For example:

Caterpillars and butterflies – the Tiggers children thoroughly enjoyed watching their caterpillars magically turn into butterflies, learning about their life cycle in the process!
Cooking – ‘reading a recipe’, measuring quantities, as well as developing high self esteem when enjoying and sharing the results!
Computer – supervised access to high quality children’s programmes which have been selected to compliment the other activities in the room.
Garden play – searching and identifying minibeasts, organising the numbered bikes into the correct numbered spaces, playing group games, having fun with the parachute!

Early reading and writing concepts are developed through carefully planned activities and play, for example: early reading skills can be developed through sequencing games, memory and matching activities. In addition Tiggers Room is a ‘print rich’ environment, enabling the children to identify common words around the room in everyday play.

Early writing skills are encouraged through activities requiring hand eye co-ordination such as puzzles, along with plenty of opportunities to make marks (painting, drawing, tracing letters in fine sand).

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